Done a ‘runner’

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My erstwhile new neighbours who moved in not that many weeks ago, have disappeared. The bins have been left overflowing in the back garden (I suppose that is a blessing really – they could have left their waste in the house), all the furniture has gone as have they.

They were renting, on local housing allowance, LHA,  (the new name for housing benefit), so some poor landlord somewhere has lost out big time. This is not a new phenomena but it has certainly been helped along by the rules regarding payment of LHA i.e. it must go to the tenant and not the landlord.

Now I know the vast majority of tenants will pay their rent whether on benefit or not and they are no trouble but we do seem to have a great swathe of an underclass who cannot, or would it be more correct to say will not budget and pay their way like the rest of us.

Benefits are a hot topic right now and I could go on, and on and on, regarding them but suffice to say this is one area where government has got it very wrong. Rent allowance should go to the landlord directly. That is my opinion and I am sticking to it.


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