Incredibly high heels

Posted in Ramblings tagged , at 20:20 by maggyann

Why are young women crippling themselves with these incredibly high, fashion heels?

Don’t they realise that they look so uncomfortable. I know it is important to be fashionable (that is not to say I understand why but I was young once too, headbands, flower power, maxis, minis, and of course platform shoes), but some of the footwear around at the moment reminds me of leg braces, or built up shoes for people who had one leg shorter than the other.

These young, and some not so young, women walk as though they have been in a major car smash  and had their legs badly damaged.

Adding a pair of these hideous things to the bottom of legs no more shapely than matchsticks just  looks ridiculous. Some of them look as though they are already wearing ‘concrete shoes’ and a fall in  the canal would see them never surface again.

Sorry I just don’t find it a nice look at all.


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