‘The Help’ by Kathryn Stockett

Posted in Books tagged , , at 20:38 by maggyann

Thumbs down from Maggyann I am sorry, I read this book for reader’s group and I hated it.

I have researched other opinions and reviews on the web and found most people seem to praise it to the heavens. I sad to say could not even finish it.

I disliked the dialogue, I felt no connection with any of the characters and to be  honest I have to be odd man out and say it was awful.

Last time I couldn’t finish a book was probably in school and that would have been laziness or wickedness. I feel bad about it but I really couldn’t recommend this to anyone.

I have to wonder if people simply don’t like to be ‘controversial’ and would rather go along with the person standing next to them rather than be honest or is it that I am just a bit warped?

I’d love to find even just one other person who agreed with me.

Any takers?


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