84, mugged, now dead.

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I have made this picture grayscale deliberately, mainly because colour is not something there is much of in Burnley Wood at the moment.

Burnley Wood is a small area by the canal in Burnley. It has fallen into a sad state over the past years mainly through the influx of drugs and associated crime, neglect by the local authority and ineffective policing.

No different to so many other places in the UK today. The residents are trying so hard to make things better by getting together to fight the anti-social element (which is the PC way of describing those I would give a totally different name to), they have started a neighbourhood watch scheme which has attracted over 100 members in a short space of time and they have their own web forum here

(note: on checking the links I have found that the forum comes up looking like a dog’s dinner, if you click refresh it sorts itself, I don’t know why this is happening)

On October 18th, Ora Walton (84), was mugged for her pension by a 58 year old man (and I am using that term very loosely!). Ora was left badly bruised and shaken by this, it was not her first mugging. She sadly died just five weeks later i.e. this week. Her post mortem has been held and the conclusion is a massive heart attack.

Ora was a well known and well loved member of the community of Burnley Wood. You can read about Ora here

This is the sort of thing which makes me, and all right thinking people furious but frustrated at our inability to change this, to stop these tragic events. What is wrong with this country? Why are we allowing ourselves to read such things and then go on with our lives until the same, or worse, is on the news for us to shake our heads over yet again.

This mugger is in court on Monday he will possibly get a few months but to my mind, and again I am not alone, he brought on Ora’s death and should at the very least face manslaughter charges.

Yes she was 84 but she was active and even if she may have died in January or next week because it was her time to leave, she should have lived until then.

He may not have stabbed her, this 58 year old piece of something you would scrape off your shoe but he killed her before she should have died. RIP Ora.

Maybe if any of you have a moment you could pop over to the forum and leave some words of encouragement to the community


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