Beginning before your beginning…

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Numerology, Astrology, Runes, Tarot, I-ching the list is endless. How can one individual find out anything when there are so many methods of divination or charting of life paths? How can you work out the character traits which apply to you when you are a Blueprint number 8 with Libra in the ascendant, your Moon in Scorpio, the Page of Swords is your personal Tarot card and so on? Often you are faced with contradictory messages and meanings. You are bubbly and happy says one method but another has you marked as tense and sullen!

I would like to help you out of the mire a bit here. Sceptics of course would tell you, and quite logically too, ‘think about yourself and you will see exactly what type of character you are’. This is very true, the issue however is are you being true to who you could or should be? Have external influences diverted you from your path?

To deal with Tarot, Runes, I-ching and other methods of divination first – let me try to explain it like this:-

From January 1st to December 31st each year time moves along. It is broken down into segments, days and months. We all manage these segments using a calendar or diary. The calendar or diary keeps us aware of the day we are in, the days that are coming and those that have past. So with Tarot and other techniques. Our life is passing just as time does and we measure the passing by events good, bad or indifferent; we measure our life by our emotions, achievements, gains and losses. The calendar can tell us that the 4th Tuesday 6 months hence will be the 29th day of a particular month. It is foretold. The Tarot (or other medium) can tell us how things will be for us at a time to come. It is as I say ‘foretold’.

To find character traits we really need to look at, in the main, Astrology and Numerology. The problem is that sometimes, oftimes actually, the two seem to contradict each other. What is a person to do? Well I always think the best thing when facing a conundrum is to start at the beginning and for this subject the beginning occurs before you are born.

When your spirit is coming back to an earthly lifecycle it is for a purpose. The life to be led is a learning curve. Yet another of many your spirit goes through to attain a new level of being. The decision on the who and what of your planned life taken before your birth. The higher beings, I call them adjudicators, will work with you in coming to the decision. Together a ‘blueprint’ is selected. This is a breakdown of what you will be and experience in the coming life so as to learn the necessary lessons, which is after all the reason for another visit to this plain. Numerology will give you your blueprint.

Astrology comes into play from the moment of birth and so when a natal chart is formed it will show more of what makes you than what you have to achieve. A natal chart is an extra description of you, the way you will deal with life’s issues and to some extent, the issues life will throw at you.

My advice is to find your blueprint before you look at the astrology of your birth. Then to really complicate matters you should consider the same elements in those who rear you as their influences can and inevitably will ‘bend’ some of your prearranged traits.

Of course this works two ways. Knowing the blueprint for your new addition will be of great help in your rearing and guiding attitudes. If you know already what challenges are facing your new baby you are able to be well prepared. You can gently work on helping them through tough times and teach them where they need to focus their energies as they mature.

In my next post on this subject I will explain how to find your blueprint number and what it means to you. Then over time we can progress through to astrological influences too.



  1. heather flenthrope said,

    hi well done enjoyed reading it all a bit above me though

  2. maggyann said,

    thank you for dropping by. x

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