When **exactly** is Christmas again?

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Honestly, I am confused. Is it October, November… I ask because the shops are blaring out Noddy Holder at top volume as he screams out ‘Itssssssss Chriiiiiistmaaaaaas’ and I feel like responding with ‘Itssssssssss bbbloody nnnnnoooooooooTTT!’

Not that I have anything against Noddy and the rest of Slade. Many happy memories have Slade playing in the background…..hmmm…..stick to the point Maggyann.

Now I do understand the whole Christmas thing. I too get a warm fuzzy feeling at the end of the year. I am sure it is caused by my ‘Bah! humbug’ attitude. I do so enjoy being morose sometimes.

I find it hard to be complacent though when supermarkets have moved all my usual purchases to any corner they can find space so as to have racks of Quality Street tins and cheap looking candles with tinsel on them. I go in there to buy the basics like bread and coffee. I can get around in 5 minutes flat. My feet take me where I want to go with no input from my brain. Imagine the shock to the system when I reach out to pick up a loaf and touch some rainbow coloured furry toy which immediately starts wobbling and screeching out some unintelligible nonsense (poor child who gets that from Santa they will have nightmares for weeks).

I can fully understand all those people trudging around buying mince pies which will be out of date before the end of November never mind them being ‘for Christmas’. I know there are people who get great joy from maxing out their credit cards so that they can pay for Christmas right up until it happens again a year later. Money being spent on expensive tat for people who would rather you hadn’t bothered.

I really do not have a problem with Christmas. I just don’t see why it has to take over our lives for three damned months.


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