Things I can live without.

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It has been over a year since I got rid of the box. It sat there in the corner of the room with all seating angled towards it and was nothing more than an ugly focal point and incredibly successful dust magnet.

On the rare occasions I switched it on I would find myself either flicking through channels in a state of frustration that there could be so much to choose from and all of it rubbish or two hours later engrossed in a book with this annoying noise in the background.

One day as I was doing the big housework operation where furniture is pulled out from the walls to let the skirting boards be defluffed I suddenly had the exciting idea of moving things around a bit. As I shoved and pulled, tried things here and there it suddenly came to me that I was being flummoxed by the need to have ‘mister ugly’ in that corner by the electric socket and cable connection.  The only answer I decided was to shift him right out of the equation and that meant right out of the door.

I suddenly had a much bigger living space. The room felt more balanced; the dark, ugly one had been devouring an area much bigger than he could really fill.

Mister ugly sat in the garden for about three hours and was then hauled away by someone who knocked to ask why my television was sitting in the garden. Off to ruin someone else’s room layout.

Since that day I have not once, I repeat, not once missed the television or regretted my impulse. I have the radio, audio books, books, hobbies and of course my trusty computer, (now all you fates that is not an invite to cause a gremlin to invade it!).

I wonder what will be the next thing to be discarded? The microwave went eons ago,  no juicer, no dishwasher, no tumble drier (I hang my laundry outside on a whirly airer – okay I installed it myself and it leans a bit but simple planning on what hangs where means this is not an issue), no deep fat fryer, no food processor I am running out of things to live without.


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