My favourite deck of tarot cards.

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I have had my favourite pack of cards for many years now. They are Rider Waite, probably the most common of all packs. I have others but I do not connect with them nearly so well.

These cards are so easy to work with. Visually they are self explanatory and cheerful. The pack came with a LWB (Little White Book) which gives the historical meaning of each card in a few words. This is a great help to someone picking up a pack for the first time and I know I learned these meanings religiously in the beginning. It was not long though before I began to see a pattern forming in my thoughts in relation to each card as it appeared in a spread.

The basic meaning sometimes flew out of the window or was at the very least enlarged upon in my mind. I soon began to lose the basic meanings as other more intensive descriptions and directions were gained from each card. This in turn led to my feeling, which is now a firm belief that the cards move me to some other mental realm when I lay them in a spread.

Today my cards are well worn, the edges slightly tatty but I cannot bring myself to replace them. They are old friends, we know each other so well. If you are thinking of buying yourself a pack of tarot cards I would definitely recommend the Rider Waite, at least as your first foray into the realms of tarot. They are equally as good for the experienced reader and I am sure practically every reader has them to hand.




  1. Refreshing to know you use a deck who’s symbolism has been well proven through he decades. I tried working with some designer decks- what a wild ride that was. My reading accuracy dropped like a a river stone.
    I had the same problem with my decks wearing out. On one, the images almost wore completely away. Finally I resolved the issue by ordering several decks. Now I have 3 Hansen-Roberts (my very favorite deck) and one RW.

    I sometimes find that my decks seem to get “deck fatigue”. That seems to happen when I am doing a lot of readings per day- say between 10 and 30 readings a day. After a rapid session of intense readings they start to all become negative or start making no sense at all. When this happens, I take the ‘tired’ deck I was using, wrap it in a silk cloth and take up one of the other ‘rested’ decks.
    The fresh deck provides more cogent results.

  2. maggyann said,

    I do like the phrase ‘deck fatigue’ it is so exactly correct and shows a sensitivity to your cards which is lovely.

    I have my worn ones but two other decks for hard work as I call it. My worn ones are more a comfort than tools anymore. They are the ones I turn to when I want reassurance or some personal enlightenment. (All my decks are RW.)

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