Update:- Ora’s attacker sentenced.

Posted in I Despair tagged , , , , , , at 18:20 by maggyann

Michael Brooks the killer attacker who left Ora (who has since died as posted in ‘I Despair’ – link), bruised and shaken when he mugged her for her pension, in broad daylight on a Burnley street, was today sentenced to 5 years and 4 months.

You can read about his appearance in court today – here

I honestly thought that going by the usual sentencing we see in our courts today he would get at best a few months so this sentence is satisfying (if that is the right word in this case).

The judge concerned seems to live on this planet which is a rarity in his profession. I hope Mr Brooks has one hell of a life for the next 5 years. (I don’t mean helluva as in sooper dooper I mean hell as in HELL!).


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