Playing cards for divination.

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An ordinary pack of playing cards can be used for simple divination.The most  popular method being to draw out a card to find out  how your day will go or  how a particular issue in the day will pan out. Give it a try and see if it works for  you. Simply shuffle the pack well and remember to include the Jokers. Now  fan the cards out and select one.The meanings of each card are  below.

Joker prepare for the unexpected, a surprise and adventure.

Suit of Spades

King a dark haired man who has authority over you will have importance today.
Queen you will be foiled in your efforts today by a dark haired lady.
Knave a dark haired immature and difficult young person will cause you difficulties today.
Ten there may be some unwelcome news and cause to worry today.
Nine you will not be feeling your best today.
Eight appointment cancelled, plans across the board will be changed at short notice today.
Seven you face a loss today.
Six things begin to look up for you today.
Five the day will end well but it will not be an easy one.
Four money will be an issue today.
Three partnership problems, disagreements.
Two you will be blighted by gossip today.
Ace whether good or bad, things which have been taking an age to come to the boil will be resolved today.

Suit of Clubs

King a kind and caring man will touch your life today.
Queen a cheerful female friend will share with you today.
Knave a happy younger person will bring you joy today.
Ten this will be a lucky day. Good news.
Nine you will attract a new admirer today.
Eight misunderstandings will fill the day.
Seven avoid arguing with the opposite sex today.
Six financial worries could be eased today.
Five a friend will help you out today.
Four there are things happening in the background. You do not have all the facts today.
Three money or a gift comes your way. A pleasant day.
Two a day where things go wrong.
Ace a letter and joy are both coming to you today.

Suit of Diamonds

King you will deal with a stubborn fair haired man today.
Queen a blonde and flirty woman gets your attention today.
Knave a young relative will be cause for concern today.
Ten a journey and good fortune today.
Nine a new opportunity will present itself today.
Eight an up and down day with your finances.
Seven problems at work today.
Six things unsettled in the home today.
Five a successful and happy day.
Four finances are given a boost today.
Three legal issues raise their head today.
Two you may face disapproval today.
Ace good news about a financial matter and a pleasant surprise await you today.

Suit of Hearts

King you receive good advice today from a fair haired man.
Queen a kindly, blonde lady will assist you today.
Knave a young relative or close friend will make you happy today.
Ten a happy day, luck and pleasure.
Nine today dreams can be fulfilled. Great joy.
Eight surprise arrivals and happiness.
Seven a promise could be broken today or a friend prove untrue.
Six help from unexpected quarter today.
Five think everything over twice today before you commit yourself.
Four a journey or move is indicated today.
Three keep your foot out of your mouth today.
Two a great day for partnerships and pairings.
Ace a day all about love, friendship and happiness.