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Blueprint 1

You are strong minded and sometimes quite selfish. You also have great will power and can be as hard on yourself as you are to others. Unlike most people who may feel they would like to have something with you it is felt more like a need that must be satisfied. You can become fixated on your aim and will not rest until you have achieved it. You have the ability to fulfil these ‘needs’ which is just as well as you also like to be comfortable, enjoy good food for pleasure rather than to satisfy hunger and like to be in control. You can be a leader of men and a success in your chosen field.
The negative side of this blueprint can be when you feel that thinking about something, planning it in your head and daydreaming of a satisfactory outcome becomes more or less as good as actually being proactive and doing it. Some people living to a number 1 blueprint find it hard to make themselves begin things but when properly motivated they can be unstoppable. There is also a tendency to be overpowering in some situations. Number 1 people can be intimidating though they feel they are simply being logical or getting the job done.
Your lesson in this life is to learn to empathise a bit more with those around you. Other people can have good ideas and their ways may well be better than yours on occasion. Cut the rest of the world some slack and at the same time keep yourself motivated.

Blueprint 2

Sensitive and considerate, you are the original nice person. Charitable, selfless and a very good friend to have. Showing love or emotions is easy for you. There is no restraint, no embarrassment. You thrive in groups and will have many friends though you are so unheeding of yourself that you can sometimes wear rose coloured spectacles when assessing others.
The negative traits this blueprint gives is an inability to say ‘no’ very often which can lead to a sense of failure as you inevitably let people down on occasion through simply being overwhelmed by all you have agreed to do. You also tend to seek the background and will often let others take the honour for your achievements.
The lesson you have given yourself with a 2 blueprint is to be more assertive without being forceful. To come out into the limelight now and then and take your deserved bow. Being nice is all very well but try being nice to yourself sometimes too.

Blueprint 3

Witty, talented and literate. A social butterfly who can charm a room full of people, including strangers, without trying. Imaginative, creative, unfazed by most things. A late starter in many ways but an effervescent firework when you find your feet.
The negative side, (if there can be any negatives with a 3 blueprint), is that when denied the circumstances to facilitate the application of this multitude of talents you can become insular and sullen. Life can become very dark. The talents can become tarnished if not nurtured by those around you. What people think of you has a great bearing on your own attitude to self and life.
Your lesson in this lifetime is in many ways an easier one than most unless you feel lonely or unappreciated, please learn to trust your own abilities. Do not allow one bad review out of one hundred to destroy your confidence and appreciate the beauty around you which your talents can only enhance. The only other area which may be a challenge to you is your habit of sometimes manipulating people around you. You do this without conscious thought. It is something that just happens so may be hard to catch and deal with but you should try hard to check with yourself on a fairly regular basis whether you are being considerate of the people you interact with.

Blueprint 4

Organised, responsible, loyal, trustworthy you can bring order out of chaos. You actually enjoy the challenge of ‘sorting’ things. You have a very practical mind and are just as practical in the physical sense. A good driver, a tidy gardener, an excellent decorator; practically anything that needs doing you can deal with. You have a strong work ethic inbuilt and though you personally would never make any ‘martyr’ claims others may sometimes feel that way about you.
The down side for you living with a 4 blueprint is that you cannot always accept it when you are unable to do something. It can actually make you ill to feel ineffective or useless. You will be the first to put yourself out for others, always offer to help before being asked. You can be very hard on yourself and often you will actually put yourself in the position of being used by others which in its turn makes you even harder in your judgement of self.
The lesson you are here to learn with this number 4 blueprint is that it is okay to do things for yourself, to accomplish things just for you. Learn that you do have limitations and then learn to live with them. Unlike the number 1 blueprint who should cut the rest of the world some slack, you should be giving yourself a break. Pat yourself on the back, take time out for you. Do things because you want to do them not because your sense of responsibility states you should.

Blueprint 5

You are active, you are flighty, you are impatient and you are clever. Your enthusiasm knows no bounds if you are personally interested or will gain from a situation. You can be the life and soul of the party but you are soon bored. You are multi-talented but not to any great degree in any one area. You are very self focused.
The negatives for the 5 blueprint are that your cleverness is not always used approriately. The saying ‘if you put as much effort into doing it properly as you have into avoidance tactics what a success you would be’, was probably written for a blueprint 5 person. Your need for change, adventure, excitement and your total inability to deal with even slight boredom makes you unreliable.
The number 5 blueprint is asking you to learn to put others first at least a little. To learn to use your time and skills constructively and to show more interest in those around you. Learn that being settled and constricted to some extent is not death it is maturity and responsibility.

Blueprint 6

The ability to share is your greatest trait. Whether it be your time, your possessions, your life, your knowledge or your money though you are so generous with yourself and all that is yours it can verge on the irresponsible at times. You love your family and close friends, they are never left wondering about your intentions. You give off an aura of stability. You are approachable but not always discerning in your attitute to appeals for help.
A 6 blueprint leaves you open to being tricked and not just once. You do not always learn from your mistakes, you will fall for the same sob story with annoying regularity. Then you will believe yourself ‘used’ but within a short time you start to feel guilty at being so hard on the user. ‘It is not their fault’ is almost your slogan.
The lesson you are here to learn is that responsibility can mean doing nothing, not helping, sometimes. Being truly responsible includes being able to say ‘no’. Tough Love can work. You need to seek a better balance between doing good and doing what is right.

Blueprint 7

Aloof in some ways you can be self focused and unapproachable. Many people will find you almost a different species character-wise. You hear a different drum beat. You can be very set in your ways from a young age and regular in all your habits. This is a strength but it can also mean you missing out on the sudden, the exciting, the unplanned. You have a great capacity for using that elusive trait, intuition. You are rarely wrong if you really consider the evidence, though sometimes (mostly in fact) you do not delve too deeply because in your regimented mentality you already have a flow chart in place to deal with everything on the surface.
You need to overcome your tendency to stubborness which can be your most negative trait. It is at times the sulkiness of a child. Some people with the 7 blueprint can be extremely judgemental which is never a good thing. They will put people in boxes from a two second viewing, clothes, hair, features, stance – bang – you have labelled the person. Once delegated to a box by a 7 it is very hard to get out again. 7’s rarely change their fast made up minds. This is not a good trait. You need to give people more of a chance.
Your lesson is to see past the material, to allow others to hear their own beat and respond to it without letting a feeling of superiority overcome you. Just because you see things differently does not make you right. Learn some humility and patience.

Blueprint 8

Rather like the 4 above, those born with the 8 blueprint can be extremely practical and hard working. The mind is developed and again comparing to the 4 blueprint, where 4 can do more or less anything of a practical nature the 8 person can put their mind to a multitude of issues and find solutions. Problem solver for others. A troubleshooter you can be trusted to get on with a task once it is given and it interests you enough. You are confident and this grows as you age. You have ambitions and just to be on the safe side they are almost always achievable ones. You do not do disappointment easily so why take the risk?
Your most prominent blueprint negative is complacency. If you do not get the praise you feel you deserve you are as likely to say ‘oh sod it’ and stop. Just like that. You decide, I’m not doing this anymore, end of. At your most negative you can also be said to subscribe to the saying, ‘why do today what I can put off – till someone else does it’. On a personal level you may suffer to a greater or lesser degree with hypochondria. You may genuinely feel ill at times but not always, you can act a part. The sympathy this evoked for you in childhood was comforting and you will seek it in adult life too when things are tough. You may also suffer from a general dissatisfaction. Upset by the hand you have been dealt. This negativity can show itself in hostility to others and a withdrawing into self.
Your lesson is to focus on the strengths you have been given. Your practical and logistical turn of  mind. Your organising abilities. Learn to dream some impossible dreams once in a while. Learn to be criticised now and then. Learn to be consistant.

Blueprint 9

Ah! romantic with a love of beauty, peaceful and calm. You have creativity built in. You always have a half full glass. Things are always ‘fine’ with you. Things are always ‘fine’ with others too, on your planet. You will tolerate most things and are not easily shocked. You like to be comfortable with the company around you, the chair you sit in, the clothes you wear. If life does not ‘tazer’ you at any point you will live and die happy.
The negatives are just as definite. If you have influences which warp this free flowing creativity and love of your fellow creatures affecting you, you will crash to the ground in freefall without even looking for your parachute chord. Life will be a burden, people sent to try you, nothing will be just so. You can in time get yourself back on track but better by far not to start the descent. Wallowing in the ‘why me’ depths of despair will leave you bitter so why go there?
Your lesson is to discover how to enjoy a balance between total comfort and pleasure and the realities of life. You must learn to adapt (or burn). Nobody is out to get you, life does have challenges and problems on an almost day to day basis. To have the level of contentment you need to be fulfilled you have to learn to deal with everything on an individual basis. Just because your toast burned this morning does not mean the whole day has gone to pot. Just because your lover has left you does not mean all men/women are bastards and bitches. You may not be able to afford a velvet chaise longue to spread yourself on artistically but the old sofa in the corner with a throw and some cushions will be just as luscious.

Key blueprint 11

You can be an inspiration to others. You are on a level nearer to the spiritual than the earlier blueprints allowed. You are perceptive. You can reach the top in any field you choose not because of any planned advancement by others but because you understand the need to plan, learn and put in the effort yourself. Your spirit has already been on the lower level ladder and worked its way through all the levels. You are now in the waiting room, as it were, for the final steps. Your spirit is the newbie on the top floor. You have an awareness that somehow, somewhere deep inside you are all the answers to all the questions, you just don’t really know what all the questions are. You have a deeply comfortable feeling about life, its importance and why you are living it. Others may notice a sense of ‘vibration’ around you this is because, however slightly you are in fact vibrating at a different level.
As for negative traits there can be only one at this level and that is simply superiority. You may allow your deeply held belief in self and your purpose to overshadow those around you. You can attract hostility by being detached even in moments of great intimacy ‘because you are above it all’. You can be what is known as ‘pernickety’ simply because you know how things should be and nothing less is good enough.
Your lesson is to learn to be part of the world as it is, no matter how high your evolution maybe. You should realise that this level may have to be repeated a great many times before you can move on. This level is one of attainment but also the hardest one to pass through. By not being part of the world while almost being ready to leave it you fail yourself, those around you and your spirit.

Key blueprint 22

This is the level where all is gathered together. You are almost complete. You attract power and can achieve great fulfillment in business, personal life and the material world but never at the expense of spirit which is more interested in spreading peace, knowledge and education. You have a tension inside you which is practically visible at times. You may suffer feelings of time running out even in your times of greatest contentment and peace.
The negative with a 22 blueprint is when soemthing goes wrong in the programme. The power and ability turns the head and leads the spirit in a direction of self gratification. Being on this level is probably the greatest challenge of the ladder. Temptation is great and deliberately so. To pass this level the adjudicators want 100% and they will do everything to ensure they get it. Only by staying within the brief can you proceed.
You have the knowledge and the power in an earthly form. Your choices on this level will dictate your completion status. You cannot redo this level but you can be sent back to the bottom of the ladder. You are in this last plain of earthly involvement nurturing, protecting, guiding and helping those who are still at the early stages of their journey. Your lesson is that you have finished with lessons.



  1. imaherbert said,

    Hey man thanks for that. I am a 9 and you got me so right. yah! I gonna chk out other peeps now.

  2. maggyann said,

    Thank you for visiting and for your comment ‘imaherbert’. I am glad you found something of interest.
    Do visit again.

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