Procrastinating and thinking about Boudica.

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I have actually been working on my next Numerology post but for some reason I seem to be verbally constipated today! Therefore sitting musing to myself in a sort of daydreamy fog I became aware of a book looking directly at me from the shelf. Dreaming the Eagle by Manda Scott.

Aha! I thought maybe if I do a simple post on what is the first of a very good series of books I will get my creative juices flowing again. Of course that could be wishful thinking but let’s try shall we?

Dreaming the Eagle is to put it in one word (unusual for me), ***brilliant***. It is the first of a series of books on Boudica that famous, feisty lady who showed those pesky Romans where they could go and how to get there!

I have always enjoyed the Boudica story imagining her on her chariot slashing right and left, throwing spears with her fiery, red hair flying behind her. These books take you from her childhood onwards and really give depth to what is after all a fairly bare time for historical facts. Manda Scott has a wonderful way with words and takes you from the very first sentences into a time and place you feel excited by. You will meet characters who will fascinate you. Truly well worth reading.

I have read the whole series so far (I think there are more to come), and each book is a wonderful journey into another time. I would heartily recommend these to anyone who enjoys a good read with characters you wish you could meet in the flesh. This time of year it is always good to have something on the shelf for those dark, cold evenings so if you are still pondering do try Dreaming the Eagle you will soon be looking for Dreaming the Bull which is next in the series.

Oh well back to Numerology then…


Runes, yes, no? Dunno yet!

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For a long time, in an on and off sort of way, I have thought about trying a set of Runes to see how, or even if, I could connect with them. The thing that always makes me uncertain is the knowledge that originally the alphabets which are used on Runes were simply that, alphabets, not a method of divination but for communication. The characters are straight lines, easy to scratch or carve, and were used to leave messages on graves for example. How they got from this to becoming a tool for casting has fascinated me and I have read as much as I could find on the subject from Romans to Vikings and all points along the way.

I still, to be honest, have not decided one way or the other but many people do swear by them so I have decided to experiment a bit before committing myself to the purchase of a set or the more interesting idea of actually creating a unique set from scratch.

I have the notion of actually making a very basic set to start me off and the easiest way to do this is obviously to simply draw out the characters and see how things go. I have decided to make a deck of Runes using some thick card, draw out the characters then laminate them. I know these will be difficult to cast but as there are only twenty four units I am hoping I will find a knack for it. I am even wondering to myself why cast at all, couldn’t they be used in a similar way to a Tarot deck?

The joy of experimentation is in the trial, error and results. So I shall try and report back on what I discover, if anything. Hopefully something more interesting than ‘well that was a waste of time’.


Update:- Ora’s attacker sentenced.

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Michael Brooks the killer attacker who left Ora (who has since died as posted in ‘I Despair’ – link), bruised and shaken when he mugged her for her pension, in broad daylight on a Burnley street, was today sentenced to 5 years and 4 months.

You can read about his appearance in court today – here

I honestly thought that going by the usual sentencing we see in our courts today he would get at best a few months so this sentence is satisfying (if that is the right word in this case).

The judge concerned seems to live on this planet which is a rarity in his profession. I hope Mr Brooks has one hell of a life for the next 5 years. (I don’t mean helluva as in sooper dooper I mean hell as in HELL!).

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