Eureka! moment.

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Once again I hit a brick wall in my attempts to complete the next Numerology post for the blog. Don’t get me wrong I know what is to be said and I have a lot of notes compiled it just will not come together.

Now I am a great believer in there being ‘reasons’ for everything. They may not be obvious, they may not even seem valid at the time but the reason will be there and sometimes it simply has to be bowed to. The wise, even the stupid, accept that they have to change paths. Such is life.

I dealt with this problem by spending time ‘googling’ around, reading other people’s blogs, playing a couple of games and generally surfing on that sort of time wasting level we all experience at times. Then suddenly I had a Eureka! moment as a light came on. I had that elusive ‘reason’ for my disinclination to get the post finished.

My attention was caught by a news item, (news – ha! I really do use the term loosely – news to me should be world events, political shenanigans, hero stories and the like). The illuminating snippet was the story of a chap who believes he is the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe. The article then went on to describe Phil Collins‘ belief in having fought at the Alamo and gave a short precis on the famous Bridey Murphy tale from way back when.

I realised as I read that this was why I could not complete the post I had been working on. I was actually skipping an important part of my Numerology ‘timeline’. My earlier post referred to the blueprint which is settled upon long before birth and explained how Astrology comes into play from the moment of birth. The post I was working on (which will come to fruition soon now that I have my route more clearly marked) was a step on from the blueprints to look at the compatibility of numbers and how they interact.

I know now that I should have been expanding on the importance of the ‘beginning before your beginning post’ to help readers to understand the relevance of the birthdate from my take on Numerology. It was never my intention with this blog to simply rattle off accepted meanings, lists of character traits and how to do calculation examples. You could quite easily do some ‘googling’ yourself to get all that sort of information which you will find varies as much as there are words in a dictionary. As in all things a group of people can look at the same thing and come up with a different description.

So no, this blog was set up for me to speak on *my* understanding of these things. It would be wrong of me to push forward my interpretation of this, that and the other but leave gaps in the trail which the reader has to fill from elsewhere. I need to explain *my* views more clearly.

I now intend to go back to the drawing board, back to before the ‘beginning of the beginning’ really, to enlarge upon the ‘before’ period of a lifecycle, then I can go forward with the living of the current life and the lessons Numerology can teach us.

So I shall begin………..well actually I shall spend some time thinking out my next step over a cup of coffee . This post was just to explain myself. Or was it to clear my head? Has it done either? Oh dear, I can feel yet more ‘prevarication’ posts coming on!