Tarot versus fortune telling.

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There are many methods of ‘fortune telling‘ and many people add tarot cards into that class. I personally do not like to consider Tarot cards as fortune telling tools. I believe they are more honest than that.

A tarot reading is not going to tell you that a tall, dark, handsome stranger will fall at your feet next Tuesday. Well not any tarot reading I have ever done anyway.

When I read my cards I get vibes from them. Yes, each card has a meaning but that is making the whole idea of a spread too rigid. If it were truly a case of laying out the cards in the proscribed way and reeling off their meanings a) anyone could do it and b) it would make little sense.

I can accept that each reader will have their own method and their own relationship with their tarot so really I can only speak for myself. My method is to let the cards open up doors to some other realm for me. They give me indications of the near future and the part of the life path to be trodden in that short time frame. From the other realm I receive illumination to enlarge on what the cards are showing me.

I have received smells, sounds and sometimes quite strange messages which are nothing to do with the cards in front of me. I pass everything on to the questioner as that is the whole point of ‘doing a spread’ – to find information which they can use in the coming weeks and months. Sometimes the results of a reading are totally disassociated from any question the client had in mind.

This can initially be disappointing for the person who has sometimes had to screw up their courage to have a reading in the first place but in a large proportion of cases the reading has, in time, been found to have relevance or should I say the cards have known best. Many times the question in someone’s mind is not the question which needs answering. People do avoid issues even when they look you in the eye and say they are facing up to things as they truly are. Transference of issues from a place where they have no control, or feel themselves to have no control, to an area they feel they can cope with is normal human behaviour.

I tell all my clients that they need to be as honest with themselves as the cards have been. I admit I have not always been immediately accurate in my reading, or justified in my assertions but more often than not the client has been pleased and therefore I have been too. Ultimately as a reader it is not for me to decide what is important and what is not. My job, if you can call it such, is to tell it as it is shown and to help, if I can, the questioner to relate to the information. It would be pointless to do otherwise. I have confidence in my tarot, if not always in myself, so I trust them always and accept that they sometimes can make a reading seem difficult.

To anyone who is planning to have a reading I would say do not expect to ‘have your future told’ but look for the advice you are being given, understand the directions and signposts you are shown and apply them as you see fit. Most of all though be honest with yourself and comfortable in the thought that the cards are not telling you how it *will* be but how it **could** be.