For a long time now I have provided ‘distance readings’ from my Tarot pack for friends and family. They have proven to be very popular and I feel (after much nudging from those same people) that the time has come to widen my field a bit.

I offer a totally free reading and it is all carried out by email. You provide a photograph and name of the person the reading is for, a DOB and an email address to have the reading delivered to (as a PDF file).

Then I do my stuff and hopefully you will be pleased by the results. I do plan on eventually (well it has only taken about 2 years to get me this far…) setting up a website, offering membership, a forum, special offers, lessons in Tarot, Numerology and such like plus, already in the outline stage, an ‘e’ zine to compliment the whole thing. The ‘e’ zine I am especially excited about and really enjoying putting it together. My aim being to have the first edition ready very soon. (Dec 2010 hopefully)

If I can work out how to do it from the ‘maggyann’ blog I will make it available here initially as well as sending it to my regulars..

So there that gives you an outline of what ‘maggyann’ is all about and I hope it piques your interest enough to encourage you to visit again.



  1. pienbiscuits said,

    Hello there.

    I’m leaving a quick note here to thank you for visiting my blog. As it’s after midnight UK time at the time of writing and I need to be in bed, I will give your site a proper visit sometime this week or next. I’ve not seen a tarot blog before, so this will be a new experience for me. Good luck!

  2. maggyann said,

    Thank you for popping by. I appreciate that. I hope you find something of interest here though I have to say I feel I am losing the plot somewhat. Meant to be a mainly Tarot site but I seem to spend more time ‘rambling’ than anything. I shall persevere. Your blog is good and mighty amusing. 🙂

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