Would you like to try a distance reading?

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If you would like to try a distance reading courtesy of ‘moi’ and my trusty Tarot pack. Please contact me using the form on my contact page.

You should provide a photograph of the person the reading is for, name, DOB and confirmation of the email address you want the PDF of the reading sent to. I print off the photograph and leave it with the cards for a few hours, sometimes as long as 12 or even 24 so it is not an ‘instant’ kind of thing.┬áIt can sometimes take up to a week for the reading to be sent out so please be patient.

I then clip the photograph and details to an index card and file it so that if you are so impressed (!!??!!) and want another reading I have all the details to hand; all you have to do is contact me again to request one.


‘e’ zine

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The ‘e’ zine is coming along really well and I have some of my regular ‘clients’ helping out by providing little articles so it is not all just me.

I hope to have it ready to release on December 1st.

If you would like to receive it (absolutely no cost so it could be considered a bargain!) contact me through the form on my contact page and I will send it to the email address you supply.

Even if you just want to see it and provide ‘constructive criticism’ that is fine by me. I need some of that I am sure.